Once upon a time a person had an idea.
Their idea was going to make the world better,
improve peoples lives.
So they worked and worked,
and toiled and toiled.

After many long days they had yet to bring life to it.
They struggled to find others who had similar ideas,
to share in what they believed. They despaired.

Until one day, they stumbled upon a new place.
This place seemed like every other place,
but inside sat a collective of people who worked and worked,
and toiled and toiled over their own ideas.
Ideas that would make the world better,
ideas that might improve peoples lives.

So in they walked,
and shared their idea.
Now many worked on their idea,
until finally it was here,
alive in the world.

One day they were sitting, reflecting on the journey,
when they noticed someone just outside,
and they wondered what ideas they had.
What might happen if they shared their idea?
Might their idea come to life too?
Might the world be a little better?


Our workspace is about building a community of people who are connected by their passion to do something significant in the world. We want to inspire, encourage and push each other to achieve our goals and bring ideas to life. Whether you work solo or you have a small team, Holm is an ideal place to grow your business and collaborate with others doing the same. You will have a dedicated workstation as well as full use of the cafe, meeting rooms, and access to a range of events, workshops and social events. 

$480 ex GST per month per desk. 

We have 16 dedicated work stations available on a month by month basis. 

Facilities include: 

- Dedicated Desk
- Ergonomic chair
- Superfast ethernet internet
- Kitchenette - complete with snickers jar
- Meeting Room
- Printing Facilities
- 24/7 Secure Access
- Free Batch Brew Coffee in the mornings

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Holm is a speciality coffeehouse. We aim to showcase world class coffees from farms and roasteries across the world. We take great pride in the preparation and presentation of our drinks to ensure you have an outstanding coffee experience. We love to chat, so come in and let us recommend and make you something new! We also offer a range of tasty food options. See our menus below. 

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